Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Memorial Library of Radnor Township consists of seventeen members. Two members are Radnor Township appointees, one is a Radnor School District appointee and the remaining fourteen are elected by the Board of Trustees. Each Trustee serves a three year term, with a maximum of three consecutive terms allowed.

Library Board Meetings are regularly scheduled the evening of the third Thursday of each month, except July and August. The Annual Meeting of the Board is in May. It is a short meeting for the election of the new trustees and officers with the regular monthly meeting following.

Board of Trustees 2013 – 2014

Leslie Kramer, Esq. President
Helen Grommell-McGrane Vice President
Township Appointee
Nancy MacKenzie Secretary
Scott Miltenberger Treasurer
Kathleen Mulroy Library Director
Sue Dahlstrom Radnor Township School District Appointee
Rick Eckstein
Jim Ernst
Susanna Foo
Patricia Hartel
Caren Morrissey
Heather Reilly Township Representative
Debbie Rubin Township Representative
Edward Seidl
Jeanne Smiledge
Kathy Sonier
Carol Ulichney