Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loans are available for items that are not owned by any library in the Delaware County Library System. Up to four items at a time may be requested and there must be no outstanding fines on your record. Submit requests to the Information Desk in person, by phone, or via e-mail at

A request should contain the following information:

Borrower’s Information:

  1. borrower’s full name
  2. borrower’s phone number
  3. borrower’s library card number
  4. date needed by, or last date request will not be needed

Book Request

  1. Date of request
  2. author
  3. title
  4. date of publication
  5. edition, when appropriate

Periodical Article Request:

  1. full title of the journal
  2. volume and number of the issue
  3. date of the issue
  4. author of the article
  5. title of the article
  6. page numbers of the article
  7. ISSN number, whenever possible

ILL Policy:
The Delaware County Library system Reference and Information Services Division shall provide primary interlibrary loan service to member public libraries within Delaware County. Secondary service shall be provided to other libraries in accordance with the Minimum Standards for District Library Centers and the Pennsylvania buy proscar 5mg online Interlibrary Loan Code. The System fully endorses the Pennsylvania ILL Code, as do its member libraries.

All types of materials may be requested through ILL. However, the patron should be made aware it is not always possible to fulfill the request for such items as best sellers, reference, genealogy, rare titles, and special formats. Recently published books may be requested through ILL, but it is at the discretion of the lending library to lend it or not.

A patron is limited to a maximum of (4) interlibrary loan requests pending at one time (a transaction must be complete before another can be made). Member libraries will accept all Delaware County interlibrary loan requests regardless of a patron’s member library affiliation.

As of October 7, 1993, the Delaware County Library System will accept requests for paperback books that are still in print at the discretion of the Head, Reference and Information Services Division.


Renewals are made on a case by case basis at the discretion of the lending library.