Our History

Radnor Township has had a Library since 1809 when the first subscription Library was established in the vicinity of the Radnor Meeting House. The first collection consisted of 17 books, all biographies and histories under the care of the Librarian, who was not permitted to read them (this privilege was granted ten years later for “taking good care of the Library”).

In 1940, the Library opened to the general public. At that time the School Board and Township Commissioners jointly contributed the total sum of $2750.00 toward the support of the Library.

The building was enlarged in 1946, as a memorial to the men and women from the community who had lost their lives in World War II. The Wayne purchase proscar online Library was renamed the Memorial Library of Radnor Township and retains that name to this day.

When final expansion in 1963 proved inadequate just ten years later, the Library launched an intensive campaign to convince taxpayers of the Township that a new Library with increased space, reader services on one level and access for the handicapped was essential. A referendum approving a bond issue of $1,285,500 was passed in 1977. The new Library was built and opened its doors in 1980.

Although the new building includes many modern features, the character of the old Library and its tradition of community service continue as integral parts of the new.