• Borrowing Policy
  • Computer Use Policy
  • Code of Behavior
  • Children in the Library Policy
  • Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Policy

Borrowing Policy

General Collection:
3 week borrowing period
3 renewals by phone/in person/online*
$0.10 fine per day for children’s materials
$0.25 fine per day for adult and young adult collections

New Adult Fiction:
2 week borrowing period
3 renewals by phone/in person/online*
$0.25 fine per day

3 week borrowing period
3 renewals by phone/in person/online*
Limit of 5 copies per magazine title; 10 magazine titles
$0.10 fine per day for children’s materials
$0.25 fine per day for adult collections
Must be returned to a DCLS Library

Music CD’s/Books on CD/Playaways :
3 week borrowing period
3 renewals by phone/in person/online*
Limit of 10 each per borrower
$0.10 fine per day for children’s materials
$0.25 fine per day for adult collections
Must be returned to a DCLS Library

$1.00 each to check out; $1.00 per day overdue fine
Limit of 10 DVD’s per borrower
New Acquisitions: 3-day borrowing period
All others: 7-day borrowing period; 3 renewals
Must be checked out on an adult account

Items may not be renewed if on reserve for another patron.
$3.00 library card replacement fee.
All fines and borrowing periods are subject to change.
Lost materials must be paid for. No replacement books or materials are accepted.

Computer Use Policy

General Policies:

  • All users must sign in to use computers.  No one under 18 years old may use Radnor Library Public PCs unless they have a card registered in the Delaware County Library System.
  • Users must agree to refrain from inappropriate/illegal use of the computer equipment and must follow Delaware County Library’s Electronic Information Network Policy.
  • The Radnor Memorial Library and library staff are not obligated to provide computer training or assistance.


  • $0.15 per page charge for black & white prints.
  • $0.25 per page charge for prints with any color on the page.
  • USB drives are available for purchase at the Circulation Desk.

Hours of Operation:

  • Barring technical difficulties, computers are available from the Library’s opening until fifteen minutes before the Library’s closing.
  • All computers are available for use on a first-come, first-served basis.

Use Time:

  • Users are generally limited to one hour of use per day. Use beyond one hour may be granted at the discretion of the librarian based on use patterns.
  • If another person is waiting and you have already used your daily time limit, you must make the computer available to others immediately.

Code of Behavior

The Memorial Library of Radnor Township is committed to serving the public.  In order to fulfill this mission and to ensure that the Library is a pleasant and orderly place for all members of the public, the Library requires its users to behave in a manner that is respectful of other users and staff, and of the Library’s materials, resources and facilities.

Behavior that interferes with the functioning on the Library, with the staff’s ability to perform their duties or that disturbs others will not be allowed.

Some examples of behaviors that are unacceptable at the Library are:

  • Staining, marking, defacing or destroying Library materials or property
  • Loud, boisterous or aggressive behavior
  • Harassing or intimidating behavior towards other Library users or Library staff
  • Smoking within the Library building or on the grounds
  • Careless use of food or drink in Library or on Library grounds (including the front terrace). Drinks must have covers to prevent spillage.
  • Campaigning, soliciting, selling or petitioning within the building or on the grounds
  • Use of cell phones within the building
  • Improper dress (for example, not wearing shirts or shoes; wearing athletic shoes with cleats or other types of shoes that can damage the floor or contribute to disruptive noise)
  • Any illegal activities
  • Rearranging library furniture or materials
  • Entering staff areas without permission
  • Use of Library space by groups or individuals for meetings without prior permission
  • Bringing athletic equipment into the Library; bringing any animal into the Library other than service animals, service animal trainees and animals featured in programs sponsored by the Library
  • Failure to supervise young children accompanying an adult in the Library
  • Failure to comply with specific Library policies, such as those regarding the use of the Winsor Meeting Room, the Electronic Information Network and public access computers
  • Viewing sexually explicit graphic material on Internet terminals

The above examples do not constitute a complete list of behaviors that might be considered disruptive.  Library staff on duty have the authority to interpret and enforce this code of behavior. They may warn users when behavior is unacceptable and ask those who fail to comply with the warning to leave the premises including the Library parking lot and grounds.  Staff may contact legal authorities when the user’s behavior is illegal or when the user refuses to cease an unacceptable behavior.  Rev. 08/2011

Children in the Library Policy

The Radnor Memorial Library works to create a safe and welcoming environment for children.  In the interest of every child’s safety, the Library will not assume responsibility for care taking or supervision of children.  The Library is a public facility and is frequented by many people cheap proscar online every day. The Library is not a child care provider but a public institution where all users have an equal right to quality services in a safe and relaxed environment.

The following policies are designed to guide the use of the Library by parents and their children.

  • Children and young people who are disruptive in the Library or on Library grounds interfere with Library service to all users and can be asked to leave.

An incident report should be completed by any staff member asks a child to leave the library due to behavior.

  • Parents may not leave children under 10 years old alone in the Library or on library property and are responsible for their children’s behavior while in the library. For children 4 and under, the parent must remain in the Children’s Department and be visible to the child.
  • A parent or caregiver must be present at library programs with children 4 and under. Children aged 5 – 10 can independently attend library programs but caregivers must remain on library property during the program in case the child experiences separation anxiety, becomes ill, or displays inappropriate behavior during the program.
  • Children aged 10 and older may visit the library and attend programs independently. Children must abide by the rules stated in the Radnor Memorial Library Code of Conduct.
  • If a child under 10 years old is left unattended in the library or on library property, the staff will attempt to contact his/her parents or caregiver by phone. If no parent or caregiver arrives within 20 minutes, the Radnor Police Department will be called. The library reserves the right to contact the Radnor police at any time if the situation warrants.

An incident report should be completed by any staff member who calls the police or a parent/caregiver about an unattended child.

  • All Children must be picked up by a parent or caregiver by the time the Library closes. When the library closes, all users must exit the building. No child under the age of 14, unless accompanied by a sibling 14 or over, will be left alone on the patio or standing on the sidewalk to wait for a ride.  At least two (2) library staff will wait with the child for 15 minutes and provide the child with assistance in attempting to contact the person in charge of picking him/her up.   After waiting at least 15 minutes, the Radnor Township Police will be called to pick up and safeguard the child in their custody.  Under no circumstances should staff take the child home or transport them to another location.

An incident report should be completed by any staff member who must wait with a child after closing.

  • Children under 18 may not use public internet computers (owned by RML or by DCLS) without a parent or caregiver present unless they have a library card registered in the DCLS system. Children under 18 who do not have a DCLS-registered library card will not be issued a guest pass and Information Services and Children’s Department staff may ask to see a library card of any individual thought to be under 18 who is using a public internet computer.  As the Early Childhood Learning PCs are not internet enabled, they are reserved for children under 18 years of age.
  • No adult may use the DCLS-owned internet computer in the Children’s area unless accompanied by a child unless specifically given permission by a children’s librarian or the information services/reference librarian on duty.

Elements of this policy approved by the Radnor Memorial Library Board of Trustees in 2002, 2007, 2008, 2011. Additions, changes and reaffirmed policies approved October 16, 2014

Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Policy

The Delaware County Library system Reference and Information Services Division shall provide primary interlibrary loan service to member public libraries within Delaware County. Secondary service shall be provided to other libraries in accordance with the Minimum Standards for District Library Centers and the Pennsylvania Interlibrary Loan Code. The System fully endorses the Pennsylvania ILL Code, as do its member libraries.

All types of materials may be requested through ILL. However, the patron should be made aware it is not always possible to fulfill the request for such items as best sellers, reference, genealogy, rare titles, and special formats. Recently published books may be requested through ILL, but it is at the discretion of the lending library to lend it or not.

A patron is limited to a maximum of (4) interlibrary loan requests pending at one time (a transaction must be complete before another can be made). Member libraries will accept all Delaware County interlibrary loan requests regardless of a patron’s member library affiliation.

As of October 7, 1993, the Delaware County Library System will accept requests for paperback books that are still in print at the discretion of the Head, Reference and Information Services Division.

Renewals are made on a case by case basis at the discretion of the lending library.